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‘What is mining: an intro to the mining value chain’ – a new course in collaboration with Edumine

Satarla’s Dr Sarah Gordon and Rose Clarke are proud to have worked with Edumine to co-author the new self-paced online course, ‘What is mining: an introduction to the mining value chain’:

We have worked hard to make the course interactive and engaging. The course gives an overview of the mining value chain, exploring the full breadth and depth of the mining sector. An array of succinct overviews, video clips, and infographics will guide you through a typical mining value chain (exploration, mining, processing, transport, closure, and post-closure). Content introduces important topics such as artisanal and small-scale mining, project financing, and an overview of a variety of commodities are also included. Key trends within mining are explored, including insight into new and developing technologies, and true sustainability within mining.

This course provides a robust foundation to the key components of the mining industry and introduces the learner to the mining value chain, industry specific terminology and key concepts.

This course is for anyone who is interested in the mining sector and would like a broad overview of the mining value chain without the technical details. Examples of those who may be interested include: geologists, chemists, engineers, government officials, regulators, data scientists, policy setters, non-governmental organisations, procurement specialists, academics, finance professionals, sustainability experts, lawyers, and administrative staff.

For those looking for a more personalised, classroom experience, Satarla also offer an Introduction to Mining online training course which focuses on the same topics coved in the E-Learning modules. Head over to our training page to check out the wide variety of mining, ESG and risk management courses we have on offer.

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