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Hot topics for PDAC 2023

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

A little more than a week before #PDAC2023 kicks off in Toronto, we look forward to seeing you there ! Find us at booth n°6126, Trade Show North (map here)

Connecting to global stakes including the energy transition and climate change, mining and minerals are attracting more attention than ever; this is creating a new risk landscape around mining and mineral operators, investors and financiers.

Even if we were to recycle all the freely available metals and minerals in the world today, we would only meet a small percentage of the total mineral and metal requirements of society. [...] Mining is, therefore, key to almost every facet of our lives, from construction to the technological innovations that improve our lives. But we need to be mindful of the broader balance of benefits and impacts and how mining operations should be managed.” (International Council on Mining and Metals - ICMM)

As risk management experts aiming to enable sustainable outcomes for our clients, we take a simple network approach to risk management, enabling an organisation to tie together risks from every discipline and level. Networks include both the internal and external environments of an organisation, which allows for balanced decision-making and delivers on the core intent of why good company governance requires leadership teams to manage risks.

So what will we be paying attention to during the upcoming PDAC 2023?

The progress of sustainability in mining

With sessions titled “Is ESG outdated? Already?” and “Operationalizing the ‘S’ in ESG: Does it matter to investors?”, it is clear that sustainability concerns are top of the agenda for miners and their stakeholders – but also raising major questions. The “Amazing race to decarbonize” is a priority for many of our clients, setting out or continuing on their net-zero journey whilst navigating the complexity of emissions monitoring and reporting. This must not overshadow other sustainability considerations, including the need to engage stakeholders purposefully: Factoring in “Indigenous perspectives on ESG” is indeed key to rebuilding trust around mining.

Want to discuss how we can support your climate strategy and other sustainability initiatives? Please book a meeting with Sarah Gordon, our CEO, or Chris Stockey, one of our climate change specialists, via the links below.

Critical minerals shaping a new future

With a flurry of announcements and initiatives from major powers over the last few years, and increasing geostrategic tensions, minerals are at the heart of major global debate. We look forward to exploring these issues during sessions such as “Commodities: The trends and drivers for future demand”, the “Commodities Keynote: All metals are becoming critical” and of course the intriguingly-titled “Future of the mining business: The new black swan commodity business”: irresistible to sustainability-minded risk managers !

Want to discuss how we can help your organisation to navigate this complex set of threats and opportunities? Please book a meeting with Sarah Gordon, our CEO, or Ludivine Wouters, one of our Associates specialising in Strategy, Governance and Policy, via the links below.

Innovation in exploration and mining

We will also be presenting the EU Horizon 2022 project VECTOR, for which Satarla leads on impact creation, on behalf of the research partnership. VECTOR is an innovative research project assessing the social, environmental and technical challenges to mining within Europe, and integrating these different research themes to produce human-centred solutions. Within the individual social and geoscience research themes VECTOR will develop and validate new and emerging techniques. These include the development of online social engagement tools and the use of minimally-disruptive geoscience technologies, such as passive seismic imaging and electrical conductivity analysis to produce models of the Earth’s subsurface.

To find out more about project VECTOR find Chris Stockey and Sarah Gordon at the EU Union booth No. 931, European Union Day, or book a meeting with us via the links below.

Also, please do check out VECTOR’s information-packed website and follow the project on Twitter.

What are the topics you will be focusing on during the conference, meetings and events? Please share your views via our LinkedIn poll and book a meeting to discuss all this !

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