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Our network of Associates collectively develop and explore the latest approaches to managing risks

Our Associates are actively engaged in a number of projects through our strong links with universities, thought leader institutes and tech startups, as well as clients in both the public and private sectors who are excited to test new methodologies and approaches.

We can therefore support all four aspects of: risk management research - development - implementation and embedding, ensuring that our new techniques (when appropriate!) have a lasting impact.

Research Partnerships & Policy Support

We are involved in a number of large research consortiums and support policy decisions. 

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Conferences & Workshops

We regularly organise and attend conferences and workshops.  Events include:


Papers & Publishing

We collaborate to publish tools, techniques, and cutting edge research in a variety of medium.  This includes:


Thought Leadership

We love learning from one another and building new ideas.  We do this internally, with our clients and through open forums.  These include:

Internal research including project risk management
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