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Free Tutorials at PDAC 2023

We are delighted to be giving a series of free 30 minute tutorials covering ESG and Risk Management within the mining sector, helping you to use risk management for sustainable outcomes, at our booth No.6126N.

We will be covering topics including:

- Risk management - how to keep it simple but effective across your organisation.

- How to structure your Sustainability governance.

- Pragmatic ESG for Exploration.

- Aligning with TCFD, and carrying out its recommendations.

... and many more!

See a full list of our scheduled tutorials below. Don't see what you're looking to talk to us about? Email us at and to arrange a session or book a meeting with us using the links here:

Our timetable of ESG & Risk Management Tutorials:

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Mar 04

Speaking about the tutorial, I immediately think about the video which, unfortunately, I didn’t find on your site. I advise you to correct this because, in my opinion, the information will be better perceived this way. To do this, use It's freely simple and effective

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