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We work across all sectors exploring how to make risk management real

We have been lucky enough to work with some of the leading organisations across the world, making changes to their risk management frameworks and improvements to their wider governance structures, such as internal audit, compliance, due diligence, assurance, crisis management and business continuity.

Since incorporation in 2014, Satarla have been working with clients across a wide range of industries delivering training, consultancy and research projects.  While we specialise in delivering services to the mining and life science sectors, we have worked with all types of organisation, which includes: oil & gas, agriculture, construction, utilities, life science, financial services, banking, telecoms, universities, sport, charities and government.

Having the opportunity to work with a broad range of organisations has allowed us to test our risk management tools and techniques, while refining our own approach to risk management.  Therefore, we know first hand what works and what does not for enterprise risk management.



The ability to make risk-based decisions in a reproducible manner, especially where many risks appear to be impossible to quantify accurately gives any investor or decision-maker a competitive advantage.  Click the link below to learn more about how Associate, Dr Graeme Keith, managed to achieve this with an Oil & Gas company.  


Alltech are North America's largest animal nutrition and feed company.  Since 2015, Satarla have helped Alltech implement a full risk management framework, deliver training globally through a series of workshops, and source and implement risk and incident management software.


Lendlease Group are a multinational construction, property and infrastructure company.  Group Head of Sustainability & Foundation, Cate Harris, joins Satarla Australia Director, Gareth Byatt, to discuss to talk about how they manage sustainability related risks.

We have worked with worked with the highest revenue sporting organisation in the UK, as well various sports clubs, global and national charities, facilitating training sessions and deep dive workshops into risks such as safeguarding.


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