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Satarla Training the UK Government

On February 11th and 12th, Satarla hosted one of our most exciting training courses yet, working in collaboration with the Critical Minerals Association and Responsible Raw Materials, to train the UK Government and Parliament on raising the awareness of responsible mining, and influencing policy development regarding the establishment of a critical minerals industry in the country.

This training was delivered to senior civil servants and researchers working for Members of Parliament. They are a key group of influencers who help shape policy and legislation in the UK. This mining training included technical content on the exploration for and extraction of metals and minerals critical to hitting many of the targets laid out by the government. These goals include: Industrial Strategy; Net Zero by 2050; fleet electrification by 2030; dominance in the wind power market; and generally embarking upon a ‘Green Industrial Revolution’ with the creation of 250,000 green jobs. Content also covered the importance of mining and the integration of ESG throughout the process.

Satarla are proud to be training the leaders of the UK on the risks (both threats and opportunities) in mining, and ensuring a conversation on mining responsibly is understood at the highest levels of UK government. If you would like similar training in your own organisation please contact us

Below is the summary of this training course, which when we deliver it, is tailored to meet the needs of the audience.

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Mar 07, 2021


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