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Fraud universe methodology in the rise of ESG issues

Dr Sarah Gordon will be honoured to join the ASOSIASI AUDITOR INTERN PEMERINTAH INDONESIA (AAIPI) on the 21st December to discuss how to combat fraud in ESG.

Together with the Chairman of the National Board of Trustees AAIPI, John Vong from Monash University, and Alexander Sianturi from ACFE Indonesia, Dr Gordon will take part in an energetic discussion focusing on what ESG fraud truly is and the risks associated. The team will also look at methods through which these threats can be addressed.

To download your free pack of material for Dr Gordon's talk, please click here or on the picture below.

Dr Gordon's talk covers:

- What is ESG?

- How is it changing?

- How is it assessed?

- Climate change case study

- What is greenwashing / fraud in ESG?

- How can we prevent fraud in ESG now and in the future?

Satarla is a risk management and sustainability consultancy. With experts based around the globe, we work across all sectors, helping to ensure risk management is a value enhancing tool for responsible organisation management.

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