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Sustainability Risk Management

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Sarah Gordon was honoured to be invited to discuss the reality of sustainability risk management with the Institute of Risk Management Swiss Regional Group and Innovation Special Interest Group.

The full presentation can be found here with slide deck available for download below:

For slides please click here


I’ll let you into a secret…. The key to good sustainability (more commonly known as ESG in some sectors) is enterprise risk management.

Having spent years trying to get sustainability into key decisions made by various organisations that I worked for, I finally came across true enterprise risk management (ie the interconnected, action focused form of risk management…not the box-ticking form that so often manifests in organisations across the world). The ability to balance potential opportunities and threats posed by a wide variety of disciplines and business units, provided the perfect framework through which to ensure that the often unclear aspects of ESG could be incorporated into business as usual financial and legal decisions.

If we speed forwards to two years ago, and the conversation began to reverse. Rather than organisations asking for risk management, they started to ask for sustainability. The big question was “how do we make sustainability/ESG [replace depending on your sector] real rather than tick-box”? The answer was and remains simple: enterprise risk management.

This webinar explores how ERM helps to make sustainability a reality. During this discussion we not only explore what ESG truly is, but also what the output from COP26 means to sustainability potential opportunities and threats for our organisations.

For more information, please feel free to email us at

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