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ESG Performance and Sustainable Investment

Dr Sarah Gordon, CEO of Satarla, joined Guy Ellison, Head of UK Equities, Investec and Quinton Newcomb, Managing Partner, Fulcrum at a virtual roundtable on 12 November, 5pm UK time. Hosted by Camarco and Fulcrum the panel explored the increased focus of ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) as a result of COVID-19 and changing attitudes of society through the Corporate, Investment & Governance lens.


The three lenses of E, S and G are not mutually exclusive, and the actions of companies, investors and boards will drive a positive shift in sustainable operations. Whilst there is a long way to go, primarily due to the plethora of standards and reporting metrics, investors and asset managers are increasingly asking to engage with management at all levels to demonstrate that ESG is at the heart of business operations.

Governments are also baring their teeth through regulations, not only imposing hefty penalties but also demanding strong corporate behaviour and governance.

Greenwashing is no longer tolerated or an option as for the long term success of businesses, and the smart money will be diverted to those organisations that are proactively looking at ESG as an opportunity rather than a threat.

Through an action and impact orientated enterprise wide risk management approach, a simplified and consolidated guidance and metrics framework, and strong governance and culture at board level, ESG can drive responsible operations and a sustainable future.

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