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An interactive and energetic course giving an overview of the core aspects of enterprise risk management

Effective Risk Governance Course 


Course Description


Be able to assess the effectiveness of risk governance in your organisation and identify any areas for improvement.
Better understand how the risk function can build trust and:


  • Deliver business objectives in line with the defined corporate culture and expectations

  • Meet the reporting requirements of investors, analysts, regulators and the board

This 3 hour, live training course draws on the experience of the trainers and participants and are energetic, interactive sessions that give practical guidance.

Optional one hour coaching follow up, tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Certificate for attendance to confirm relevant continued professional development.

If you are interested in any of the elements of this course, please let us know and we can discuss how we can make it most useful to you and your organisations needs.

Who is this course for? 

  • Anyone with responsibility or accountability for the risk function 

  • Senior executives and managers

  • Board, Audit Committee and Risk Committee members

  • Company Secretaries 


—Jordyn Aitken, HSE Systems Manager ALLTECH

"I never expected an online training to be so energetic and interactive, but I didn’t feel at all like we were missing anything by not being in a classroom. So many great takeaways for me (as is evidenced by my copious notes taken), and I leave the training feeling inspired with plenty of food for thought. Really brilliant training, and I wish I’d taken it sooner! So thanks to you all for everything."


  • Understand the role and value of risk management for delivering overall corporate governance.

  • Be aware of the methods to deliver robust and holistic risk governance in your organisation.

  • Be confident that your organisation can report risks externally, in line with expected good practice. 

  • Understand how risk management can support delivery against business demands, including financing, business resilience and sustainability. 


  • Be able to assess how effective your current risk management system is and identify any gaps.

  • Know what changes to make in your risk governance structures and processes.

  • Deliver what your stakeholders need to know about risk in your organisation.


Meet one of the trainers


Jane Walde is engaging and fun to work with, she promotes effective risk governance and culture, and champions the value of risk management.

Jane’s most recent permanent role was Head of Group Risk for Informa plc, where she designed and implemented the Group Risk Policy and Framework, improved risk culture and maturity, understanding of risk appetite and tolerance, risk governance and internal and external risk reporting.  Jane ran numerous interactive risk training sessions and workshops at Informa.

A qualified accountant (FCCA), Jane has held senior finance roles including Financial Controller for Shell International Renewables.  Her experience encompasses setting up financial structures for start-ups to the dark arts of derivatives.
Over thirteen years’ ago, Jane moved into enterprise risk management and enjoys the forward looking, uncertain nature of risk, which balances well with her solid grounding in finance.

Other risk experience covers health, safety and sustainable development (at Anglo American with Dr Sarah Gordon) credit risk, compliance, risk in commercial contracts, physical maritime operations, insurance and managing in-house training courses for the Institute of Risk Management.

Jane has strong business acumen gained in a broad range of sectors including events, publishing, business intelligence, film production, mining, bulk commodity trading, renewable energy, and quality assurance at DNV, Shell, Anglo American, Institute of Risk Management and Informa.  

Prior to her career in finance and risk management, Jane pursued an acting career and uses skills learnt at drama school to deliver dynamic training and workshops with energy and passion. 




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[Please note we will not distribute your data to any third parties]