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Live, interactive virtual training sessions with one of our 80 global risk management experts.

Public, one-on-one and bespoke in house options available (all online).

Virtual training & coaching

Delivered by subject matter experts with industry experience


Energetic, interactive sessions


Practical, applied learning


Exercises and case studies to embed learning


Multiples of 3 hour sessions depending on topic


Optional one hour coaching follow up

One-on-one coaching sessions tailored to your needs

Popular coaching sessions include:

  • Business continuity

  • Organisational resilience

  • Trigger Action Response Plans (TARPs) for rapidly changing environments

  • Embedding risk-based decision making

  • Horizon scanning and emerging risk

  • Scenario modelling

  • Stakeholder management during times of uncertainty

  • Facilitating meetings and workshops online

How do we deliver the training & coaching?


We have 6+ years of experience delivering training, tutoring and coaching online.  This has enabled us to rapidly convert our face-to-face training centres into online studios.  

Our public sessions are delivered over zoom, however we can work on any platform of your choice for private and in-house courses.

Each session is led by two experts:  A lead tutor and a facilitator.


  • The lead tutor is the subject matter expert in the area being discussed.  Fully trained in online learning, they will keep the session interactive and engaging, giving you space to ask your questions.

  • The facilitator is a fully trained host and risk manager.  They ensure that you as a participant can operate the technology, provides back up to the lead tutor (should the tutor's internet fail - we are a risk management company after all!), and also answer your risk management questions.

Due to having tutors and hosts based around the world, we can deliver sessions in any timezone, and in a multitude of languages.

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