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Image by Lasse Møller

Implementing Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) in a Large Sports Organisation

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As a result of increased scrutiny of safeguarding within the sport in question, Satarla worked with this organisation to review and refine their design and use of enterprise risk management to ensure that risks such as safeguarding of vulnerable individuals was viewed with the importance required.


The simple 4-step risk management process was utilised and allowed for many unacknowledged risks (“elephants”) to be formally identified for the first time, resulting in their being accepted by the organisation and therefore managed.  This included safeguarding both from the point of view of the individual sporting clubs, but also the overarching organisation itself – the analysis for which was carried out using simple risk bowties.


This revised approach to risk management has allowed this organisation to proactively weather changes in leadership, plan for Brexit, and prove their resilience during Covid-19, whilst keeping a firm view on their responsibility socially as well as governance risks they face and have the opportunity to shape for the sporting clubs they interact with.  


“The Board are actively looking at all [inclusive of ESG] risks on a monthly basis and challenging them”



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