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Newsletter - September / October 2019

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Welcome to our latest edition of the newsletter, which focuses on risk management within the mining sector.  

Our reason for delaying this month's newsletter by a few weeks is two-fold:  Firstly we have a team of 5 Satarla experts onsite in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Given the level of risk posed by some aspects of this region, we have been working hard on our own management of risk to ensure it aligns with our risk appetite...   Secondly, earlier this week we co-convened the Responsible Investment in Natural Resources conference at The Geological Society of London, the outputs of which we wanted to give you a quick preview of in this newsletter!

Many of us at Satarla have deep experience within the mining sector - in fact, Laura (engineer), Tankiso (accountant) and myself (geologist) our Satarla co-founders all met whilst working for a mining company.  We therefore passionately believe that risk management when implemented correctly can provide huge value to this sector.

This month's edition explores not only what responsible investment in natural resources looks like (and could look like), but also how mining is taking a good look at how too much focus on critical controls can sometimes hamper the real management of risks.  We also take another look at our report into mining and insurance, how geoscientists can use risk management to enhance the value of their exploration projects, and provide you with the link to our free 1 x hour introduction to mining lecture, as delivered to Women in Mining.

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