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Satarla at the G7

Satarla were delighted to have participated virtually at this year’s G7 Summit on invitation from their partners, Digbee.

The live stream event hosted by Cornwall Trade & Investment in partnership with the G7 was an enormous success, bringing together hundreds of viewers across industries, media, and governments alike.

Engaging with key leaders across the Mining sector and wider energy space, Satarla and their partners Digbee ESG, highlighted several pressing topics regarding Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) commitments help educate, inform, and improve perception of the mining industry.

Hosted by: Jamie Strauss - Founder & CEO, Digbee Ltd., speakers included:

Please feel free to view the full 10 minute Digbee presentation here:

A shorter (90 second) version of the video can be found here:

Speaking to Dr Sarah Gordon, CEO and Co- Founder of Satarla ahead of this year’s G7 Summit she highlighted that in the past 12 months we have seen a huge increase in attention regarding climate change, energy transition and circular economy. When Covid-19 first took hold of the world, many predicted that the desire to boost our global economy would override any focus on climate change, however this has not materialised. Instead, we found that those companies who had engrained sustainability as one of their core virtues and purpose have been more resilient during Covid-19. Be this because they were better at listening to society and better able to adapt, or if it were because the systems and processes required to be more sustainable also gave them the resilience to weather (and continue to weather) Covid-19 remains to be seen. Despite this, ESG / sustainability is here to stay.

According to Dr Gordon, investors and customers are increasingly holding mining companies to account regarding their sustainability credentials. This includes their scope 1, 2, 3 emissions all the way through to human rights. Currently, mining companies are being bombarded with self-assessments through which they need to prove to interested parties that they are meeting requirements. The hope is that this will soon become aligned so that not only do mining companies only have to complete one single self-assessment, but that those requiring the data will also make use of independent datasets such as those derived from satellites.

Dr Gordon sees ESG as a huge opportunity for the Mining industry. From the investor’s perspective, looking for the impact of reporting rather than sifting through the vast array of standards and frameworks is critical. A re-rating of the sector will divert funds into mining companies, thereby creating further impetus to ensure a sustainable and responsible future.

How can Satarla support you in your ESG and broader risk management?

Satarla brings you world-leading consultancy, training and research in ESG across all sectors and geographies. For further information on how Satarla can support you and your company through this opportunistic period, please find further details on our website or contact us at

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