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Satarla at IMARC: I had to queue for the loo!

Managing Director of Satarla Australia Debra Watson and CEO Sarah Gordon were privileged to be able to attend Australia's IMARC (International Mining and Resources Conference) in November 2022. Interested to hear what those working in the sector really mean by ESG, Sustainability, Responsible mining, as well as integrated risk management, Sarah and Debra entered with open minds and keen to learn. Below are Sarah's thoughts...

From Sarah:

"In May this year, my excitement at attending Canada’s #PDAC quickly turned to dismay when I realised that the ESG dialogue was not as advanced I was hoping…. I therefore navigated the four security checks on the way into Australia’s #imarc2022 this week with an element of trepidation.

Australia, I congratulate you. Not only was the highlight of the conference dinner a very punchy and intelligent all female panel, but the dominating theme for the entire conference was: this is what ESG should look like and how we are making it real.

There was no arrogance, instead an understanding and humility of what the sector needs to do to responsibly meet the demand challenges being loaded at our doorstep.

As an ESG practitioner, this is exciting. Here we have a slice of the industry who are “getting it”. We are by no means there yet, but something has happened in Australia over the past few years during which a large number of people have shifted gears so that “greenwashing” is not even discussed let alone an option. Here, ESG is real…. At least that is what we are hearing at IMARC.

While I cannot verify what is happening on sites, I can assure you that for the first time ever at a mining industry event, I (as a female) had to queue for the loo. This simple metric quietly suggests that something is changing.

Now, let’s see what the UK can deliver at their equivalent conference in London at the end of the month…

#Satarla ( is a sustainability and risk management advisor. Our global network of experts support organisations in making practical risk-based decisions and taking action for sustainable outcomes. At IMARC this year we launched with our partners #Rayven ( our Live Climate Change reporting tool which provides practical TCFD and climate change scenario analysis. We also helped to promote another one of our partner's offerings - the #Digbee ESG frameworks (

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