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Running a Virtual Conference

Updated: Apr 27

Following the success of the Responsible Raw Materials conference from 11-15 May, many people have got in touch to ask for hints, tips and advice on how to run and facilitate an online conference. Here we have put together some handy links that cover everything from the planning, through to the running and finally the making the most out of finishing an online conference.

1. ‘Behind the scenes’ video made by Sarah and Rose, the organisers of the Responsible Raw Materials conference: Click here

2. The abstract template that we used to make it easy for speakers can be found here

3. The email template of instructions for speakers, full with helpful links for them and links to all of the sessions can be found here

4. The video that was prepared for presenters, talking through what should be expected during their session can be found here

5. Video tutorials for attendees. It is often a good idea to provide video tutorials for any platform that you will be using – this is often more effective than written instructions, and provides a more personal touch. For example, instructions on how to use different parts of Zoom:

6. Other links that provide additional advice:

  • A toolbox with hints and tips on how to manage risks remotely (including running training, meetings, lectures and workshops online, and managing cyber risks) can be found in this newsletter

  • Online workshop facilitation guidance can be found in this blog by Satarla, as well as this handy video they produced on the same topic

We hope that these links are useful! If you are interested in our team running or facilitating an open forum like this one for you, please contact Miranda Shirley - and check out the outline below:

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May 27

What have you used to record your webcam along with your voice? I came across this page that talks about a recorder for windows, but this is the first time I've heard of it and don't know how to use it.

Could you please give some advice on this?

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