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Responsible Raw Materials conference 2022

Our sister organisation Responsible Raw Materials held its annual conference last month on the theme of “Mining: Unlocking a Just Transition”.

We heard from a broad range of speakers and participants of different backgrounds and experience, who shared their views on the meaning of ‘Just Transition’, and how to take mining and minerals to the next level in achieving it, whilst simultaneously addressing the climate emergency and broader ESG imperatives.

We heard how change makers from around the world are shifting the mining sector by setting high expectations for it through policy, transparency frameworks and innovative investment. We also witnessed how vital, yet how difficult it is to enable the development of collaborative solutions required to enable these shifts.

​​As always, the event was free to attend, with all talks streamed live to Responsible Raw Material’s YouTube channel, and recorded and added to its online library - which you can access here.

We recommend taking some time to dig into the library and reflect on the conference’s theme: what does it mean to you, and how, if at all, has this been challenged by the conversations you’ve heard?

**Responsible Raw Materials is a global movement focused on making the extraction, production and consumption of raw materials truly responsible, and map out some of the avenues for it to grow into an ambitious multi-stakeholder initiative and change agent in mining and minerals in the coming months.**

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