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Resilient recovery through risk management

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Dr Sarah Gordon and Kate Boothroyd presented a webinar with the Australian Institute of Project Management on 2 September 2020 at 7am BST.

This webinar explored the gaps often seen in project risk management and how to ensure that project risk management adds real value rather than just "tick box". Risk management is often seen as cumbersome and time consuming, yet by ensuring that simple, practical steps are taken, these can be used to support success and build resilience into projects and the organisation.

Dr Gordon and Kate Boothroyd explained that real value can be derived by ensuring:

  • Real commitment - tone from the leadership that permeates throughout the life cycle of a project

  • Real planning - clarity of objectives and integrating risk management and resourcing into the project

  • Real risks - identifying and describing risks properly throughout the project

  • Real management - actively managing risks through real controls from the beginning

The recording for the webinar is available here:

The material that accompanied the talk can be found here.

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01 abr 2021

You monitor a project by comparing progress, costs and quality against the project plan. You watch and observe. You control the project to try and make sure that it is proceeding in accordance with the plan. You try to make things happen.

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