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Resilient Recovery Through Risk Management

Updated: Sep 4

We (Dr Sarah Gordon and Kate Boothroyd) are delighted to be presenting a webinar with the Australian Institute of Project Management on 2 September 2020 at 7am BST.

The recording for the webinar is available here:


The material that will accompany the talk can be found here.

The implementation of true risk management in a project should not only increase its chances of success but also increase the resilience of a project, enabling those managing it to navigate times of extreme uncertainty. This webinar will explore the gaps often seen in project risk management, how to ensure that project risk management adds real value rather than just "ticks boxes", and some practical tools that can be used to support success.

  • Real commitment

  • Real planning

  • Real risks

  • Real controls

Key Takeaways

  • How to describe a risk properly

  • How to plan properly for a successful risk management process

  • How to know if you have planned properly for the risks should they occur – riding the resilience through real controls

  • Balancing both the upside and the downside.



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[Please note we will not distribute your data to any third parties]