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Project Risk Management - Is it real... or just fantasy?

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

We (Dr Sarah Gordon and Kate Boothroyd) are delighted to be presenting a webinar with the Association for Project Management on 3 June.

The material that will accompany the talk can be found here:

Projects are one of the key areas of a business where risk management is essential to satisfy both internal and external stakeholders. However, it is one of the project management tools that is the least well understood or applied, meaning that it can be seen as a waste of resources without adding any value in the process.  It is, therefore, quite often paid lip service to, and ends up with an unhelpful, boring review of a bad risk register. 

When risk management is carefully planned, it can make a real difference and add value to the project.  This starts from the top (management) with real commitment, from the initial stages of the project, continuing across the project (at all levels) and throughout the project life cycle.

We must consider how to be realistic about what projects are trying to achieve and the real commitment needed to making risk management work - at the same time recognising some of the contractual pressures that teams face, that are not usually faced by operational activities within an organisation.

In this webinar will explore the gaps often seen in project risk management, and how to ensure tools are applied through:

  • Real commitment

  • Real planning

  • Real risks

  • Real controls

Join Sarah and Kate as they provide great insights into how risk management can add real value in project management.

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