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Online Workshop Facilitation

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

On the 23rd April, Satarla CEO gave a 45 min webinar for members of CIMA on how to facilitate an online workshop. For all slides please see here: CIMA slides. For the recording please see here:

Last week, the extension of the COVID-19 lockdown was announced by the UK and other governments across the world. Uncertainty is the new normal, alongside many employees adapting to working from home.

Never has there been such a speedy and necessary need to focus the mind to new ways of working, such as emails, online meetings, workshops and training. Fortunately, the demand has been met with technology companies and platforms enabling scale for such online collaborations (we won’t mention cyber risks here).

At Satarla, we have been delivering risk management services face-to-face and online for over five years. Our response to the pandemic was to shift all face-to-face services online, rapidly. To quote one of our associates during this transition, “what a week this year has been”!

By embracing uncertainty and responding to the ‘new normal’ situation we transformed a face-to-face risk management workshop, due to take place in the DRC, to an online workshop facilitated by Satarla Associates from Westminster. Also, we re-designed our two-day Introduction to Risk Management training course, usually delivered to a classroom of trainees, to an online version of the same course, delivered via video conference.

A delegate from our Introduction to Risk Management training course last week said:

…thank you for a fantastic training over the last two days…I never expected an online training to be so energetic and interactive, but I didn’t feel at all like we were missing anything by not being in a classroom. So many great takeaways for me (as is evidenced by my copious notes taken), and I leave the training feeling inspired with plenty of food for thought. Really brilliant training, and I wish I’d taken it sooner! So thanks to you all for everything.

We are facilitating a workshop for CIMA members on Thursday 23rd April, 5:30pm (UK time), where Dr. Sarah Gordon will be speaking about risk workshop facilitation skills in a online world. Here are some highlights from the webinar:

Workshops (face to face or virtual) should:

  • Be Fun

  • Leaving people wanting more

  • Valuable to the team

  • Result in decisions and clear actions

Also, the facilitator should:

  • Not be the centre of attention

  • Captivate the audience

  • Provide clear direction

  • Enable participants to make their own decisions

  • Build trust and rapport with delegates – pre, during and post workshop

For a complete overview of our services, please see the main website. Below are some resources we have put together that show our online approach to working:

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