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Newsletter - March / April 2020

A toolbox complete with hints and tips on how to manage your risks from isolation.

Firstly, our thoughts are with all those who are suffering due to COVID-19. 

It feels like an age since we published our last newsletter.  Back at the beginning of February, COVID-19 didn't even have a name and we all hoped it would be something that could be contained in the few jurisdictions it appeared to have been reported in.  Now, only a matter of weeks later, we live in a world where our aim is to flatten a curve to the point where our healthcare services and professionals wont break; the simplest of medical equipment has become the most desired of commodities (maybe with the exception of good WiFi); almost all flights have been grounded and multiple borders closed; the financial crisis of 2008 has been eclipsed by the magnitude of what we now face economically; and we are acutely aware that this crisis has only just begun.  (On a lighter note "zoom" has become a verb; toilet paper a measure of the robustness of our supply chains; and certain large online retailers shamed for the price at which they feel they can sell an Easter egg).  In order to survive, the world has gone into isolation.  

To look for a ray of upside in all of this:  at least it is 2020 and not 2015.  Only five years ago, we would not have had the technology that affords us to be connected in the way we have rapidly become accustomed.  Remote working, while possible, was difficult and marred in frustration due to failed video conferences and forced cyborg impressions.  Perhaps the virus would not have spread as fast in 2015 (as we were undoubtedly travelling further and faster in January 2020 than we did five

years ago), but at least we can still wave at one another now.

While the resilience of the worlds organisations and anticipation of what will come will be the subject of a future newsletter, the below provides us with some practical hints and tips on how we can continue managing risks remotely at the present time.  Here we share hints and tips on how to run meetings, training and workshops online, through to exploring a selection of the more useful software that you can quickly adopt to help you monitor and manage your risks across multiple geographies.  This newsletter has been compiled by Ollie de Boer - our fantastic Software Lead - a true expert when it comes to working remotely.  Thanks Ollie! 

We are in this for the long-haul, so let's get really good at working remotely.  

Enjoy our newsletter here.

CEO Satarla

Satarla team call during day 7 / 8 / 10 / 14 / 16 / 18 / .... of lockdown

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