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Newsletter - January 2020

Welcome to our first Satarla Newsletter of 2020.

We have now grown to a team of 75 Associates based around the world.  This is incredibly exciting as it means that we can constantly test ideas and challenge one another as to how to make risk management as practical and useful as possible to all of our clients and partners. 

This newsletter welcomes in the new year with a tour around the world of how risk and risk management differs by geography and culture, together with some of the key risks being faced by those jurisdictions.  Watch our short introduction to hear more.

  • Birgit Rameseder discusses the risks cause by drought in Zambia as well as how risk is perceived in Germany 

  • John Crawley looks at how the French manage risk

  • Hosam Achrafi explains some of the key risks and uncertainties seen in the UAE and Saudi Arabia

  • Gareth Byatt explores how those in Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia manage their risks

  • Sophie Horsfall brings to us the natural hazard focus deployed in New Zealand

  • Ollie de Boer talks to us from a snowy Canada, explaining how risk management is undertaken in different North American sectors

  • Sharon Bennett and Tania Castillo both discuss differences in risk culture in the USA and Peru

  • and I give a quick overview of risk management in India and how the UK might deal with political and economic uncertainty in 2020.

This library of insights into risk around the world is a work in progress, so keep an eye out for additional videos coming throughout 2020.

You can explore this newsletter in three ways: 1) Go to our "locations" page on our website where you will find an interactive map with locator icons you can click on to hear our thoughts on risk in that part of the world. 2) Go to our Youtube channel and sit back, watch and listen. 3) Read and watch the newsletter as usual by clicking this link to mailchimp.


Sarah CEO Satarla

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