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Navigating Risks in Emerging Markets: Making Renewables Work in Africa - Webinar

Satarla have been invited by Kroll to take part in their webinar on Navigating Risks in Emerging Markets: Making Renewables Work in Africa, on 19th October 2021 (11am – 12pm EDT / 4pm – 5pm BST / 5pm – 6pm CEST/SAST).

Dr Sarah Gordon (Satarla CEO), will form part of an expert panel that will discuss the ways in which investors can identify, understand, and mitigate risk in Africa’s evolving energy production and distribution sector, as well as using case studies to illustrate risk and opportunity in Africa’s energy sector.

You can sign up to this webinar for free on Kroll's website.

Key Insights:

  • How to identify opportunities as the sector liberalizes and allows for smaller scale production and distribution models

  • The challenges and opportunities of host country regulators, state owned entities and competitors to create a market in which capital investment is supported by regulatory stability, and the transparency environment is manageable

  • Understanding and responding to current and future risks associated with social and environmental issues, particularly as they relate to business and human rights

  • Understanding third-party risk when investing in Africa

  • Opportunities and ESG risks within South Africa’s increasingly liberalized residential and light commercial scale power production


  • Sarah Gordon, CEO and Co-founder, Satarla, UK

  • Vincent Maposa, CEO, Wetility, South Africa

  • Oliver Stern, Managing Director, Kroll

  • Tom Hollobone, Managing Director, Kroll

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