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Leadership - WTAF?!

In this first leadership summit hosted by inspiration-all, some of the sharpest minds in contemporary leadership, including Dr Sarah Gordon, CEO, Satarla, presented their insights on moving from management to true leadership - from where we are, where we might be going and taking advantage of the prevailing winds.

Designed to provoke, challenge and offer an alternative to current leadership thinking, the presentations ranged from leadership with a culture of care, effective leadership, risky stuff, leadership post Covid-19 to integrated leadership and requirements for sustainability and sustainable investments.

The closing session can be viewed below and individual presentations can be viewed here.

To conclude, each speaker was asked for one key takeaway to leave the audience with.

  • Leadership is an intent - not a job

  • Leadership is an ensemble performance - not a solo act

  • Leadership is about behaviour - and impact under pressure

  • Leadership is about how - you make others feel

  • Leadership is building - a culture beyond bikes and bananas

  • Leadership is good governance - with an internal and external perspective

  • Leadership is understanding - our own motivators and nourishing them


Nigel Girling, Dr Phil James, Juliette Alban-Metcalf, Kevin Hard, Dr Carolyn Yeoman,

Dr Paul Pritchard, Dr Sarah Gordon, Anthony Taylor, Cassandra Andrews

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