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Digital Innovation Revolutionising Risk Management

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Satarla teamed up with the Institute of Risk Management Innovation Special Interest Group, together with many other awesome partners to run a day-long free conference, on 29th September 2021, to explore just how digital innovation has been improving risk management.

On the website we have posted speakers recorded talks alongside their abstracts, and also created a little reading corner for those who would like further resources:

The speaker line up was exciting and included Gregory Carroll who quite "literally" has written the book on AI and risk management; through to Prabha Thomas who as a CRO is no stranger to getting technology to actually work; we had rocket scientists (well.... Mike Lutomski - who used to be the risk manager for the International Space Station); submariners (not that we are sure Mark will mention that); and actresses (go-on Jane, we know you want to ;-)). Check out the full line up here:

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