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Chile's Mining Industry in the Context of its 2021 Elections

Norman Gridley (VP Americas, Satarla), based in Santiago, Chile, joined a panel discussion on "Chile's Mining Industry in the Context of its 2021 Elections". The panel was hosted by Americas Market Intelligence on April 13, 2021. Norman was joined by Rony Zimerman, a Santiago-based lawyer. Norman´s comments and responses to questions can be seen on the video. His discussion included consideration of issues related to the acceptance of mining in Chile by key stakeholders, and the trends or the future in this regard.


  • The uncertainty around the ongoing constitutional reform process in Chile

  • The leading potential candidates for president of Chile and their positions on the political spectrum

  • The nature and maturity of community and stakeholder opposition to mining projects and operations

  • The importance of public manifestations in Chile and how that has increased recently in response to social issues

  • The recognized importance of environmental issues in Chile, including Climate Change and its effects on water availability

Watch the recorded presentation

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