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Michael Lutomski

Associate (MBA) Los Angeles, USA


Mr. Lutomski has spent 35 years managing risk on human spaceflight programs at NASA and in private industry. He has worked in the areas of program management, operations, engineering, risk management, safety, and reliability.

Mr. Lutomski started his career as a flight controller working the Mission Control Center in Houston. In the mid-90’s Mr. Lutomski spent two years working in NASA’s Moscow, Russia office where he worked in the Mission Control Center developing infrastructure for the International Space Station operations.

Mr. Lutomski spent 10 years as the Risk Manager for the International Space Station. As the Risk Manager he was responsible for defining and implementing the qualitative as well as quantitative risk management processes across the program.

Mr. Lutomski retired from NASA in 2013 and joined Space Exploration Technologies, or SpaceX, where he was Director of Risk Management, System Safety, and Reliability for six years.

While working for Elon Musk at SpaceX, he built a safety and reliability organization, facilitated the risk management process, and established new core processes to ensure safe and reliable spaceflight. He helped the company obtain certification for not only US Air Force launches, but for future crewed flights to the International Space Station for NASA’s astronauts.

In addition to his professional careers Mr. Lutomski is a frequently requested speaker and writer on topics of Risk Management, Safety, Reliability, Sustainability, Human Space Exploration, and the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEM or STEAM) in education. Mr. Lutomski is an active jazz musician, art enthusiast, and avid outdoors adventurer.

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