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Diaverum Global Dialysis Services 

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Diaverum is a leading Dialysis services company with hundreds of clinics globally. 

To enhance the Building Capabilities pillar of their Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) programme, the need was to upskill and enable Risk & Compliance managers in 22 countries across 3 continents to have a consistent approach and language to ERM and cascade down to the their teams. 


Given Covid-19, the decision was to run virtual workshops to suit time zones across the continents.

Before embarking on the regional training, a SLT (Senior Leadership Team) workshop was run to align and understand the business approach to ERM, to ensure the design and content met the needs of the capability building.

The regional training consisted of 5 modules, incorporating theory, practical tools, application to their regions and linked to the risk management policy to ensure a consistent global risk management approach to decision making.


Using the above approach, we were able to deepen the managers knowledge, understanding and application of risk management within their respective areas, enabling enhancement of the risk culture across the organisation.  The risk and compliance managers were equipped to further leverage their knowledge across the broader organisation. 


Simon Ottosson (Vice President, Associate General Counsel & Head of Group Compliance), said:

“The virtual training was very effective and fully met the pre-defined objectives. Extensive online polling throughout ensured that the participants remained fully engaged and at the same time was a good way to check in with the level of understanding the participants had of the materials as the programme progressed.  There was high engagement from participants, and I am confident that the knowledge gained will help them to continue to bolster the risk management culture across the broader organisation”. 



We have teams and clients based all over the world, from London to Johannesburg, Sydney, Santiago and Vancouver.

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