COVID-19 Management and Returning to Office 



Building on the drafting of the Resilience Policy, Business Continuity Management and Safety, Health and Environment standards, Satarla were asked to mobilise quickly to provide a simple tool through which office managers from across 24 global offices could assess their environments for ability to return key workers to their central place of work and make these environments safe. 


Utilising a team of global expert associates, Satarla mobilised swiftly into action through over 250 client stakeholder engagements virtually, aligning recommendations to existing business policies, external independent standards, and toolkits to embed into the business.


The knowledge of the organisation and ability to work across multiple languages and timezones, enabled Satarla to complete this work in less than one week, thereby enabling the organisation to fully prepare for the ever changing context of COVID-19. 



We have teams and clients based all over the world, from London to Johannesburg, Sydney, Santiago and Vancouver.