-  Software comparison and testing for risk management

     -  Quantitative uncertainty modelling

     -  Climate change understood through risk management           tools

     -  Communicating risk - techniques


pushing the boundaries of risk management

Our Associates are actively engaged in a number of research projects.  These include exploring improved uncertainty modelling techniques, to testing how risk management may be a tool through which organisations can truly understand the impact and business value of human rights or climate change.

We have strong links with universities, thought leader institutes and tech Startups, as well as clients in both the public and private sectors who are excited to test new methodologies and approaches.  We can therefore support all four aspects of:  research – development – implementation – embedding, ensuring that our new techniques (when appropriate!) have a lasting impact.

Our Associates are also encouraged to take part in regular virtual dialogue tables to explore new areas of research and interest, together with face to face conferences.