We are working with a range of multinational corporations, institutions, universities and charities delivering everything from training to due diligence.

if you enjoy exploring what makes an organisation tick and helping them to innovatively address risks and realise opportunities - let us know.

We operate a network of individuals who are experts in their own fields.  For each new project, we tailor make the team who will best address the problem that is set.  We therefore aim to be as diverse as possible.

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we are a team of risk professionals with experience in both the public and private sectors

We are a group of individuals who believe in the benefits of good quality risk management.  We have extensive experience in a wide variety of industries and geographies.  

Please note that Satarla South Africa is BEE Level 4.

who are satarla?

Ensuring that your business has the skills to manage your risks is core to Satarla's philosophy. 

Assess the extent to which you have recognised and are managing your risks.

Streamlined, proactive, risk based project management.

Satarla risk management; risk management enables you to manage your risks rather than allowing them to manage you.

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knowledge transfer & training 

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