Social responsibility beyond the obvious border

January 2018



It is firmly routed in our philosophy that you need to attempt to understand the full context in which you are operating in order to truly comprehend the risks you face.  Following the success of the Mining and Oil & Gas conference that we co-convened in 2017, we are again co-convening a number conferences in 2018.  The first of these conferences explores the full value chain of Lithium.

When:  9th and 10th April 2018

Where:  The Geological Society of London, Piccadilly

Who:  Open to everyone

How to register:  



Delivering training on behalf of the Institute of Risk Management, we had the fortune of working with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI).  These four days of work were especially important to us, not just because many of us enjoy sailing, but because some of our number used to be lifeguards in our former lives.

The naturally proactive approach to managing the very serious risks faced by the charity, including volunteers speeding out to sea on specially designed and built vessels was fantastic.  Thank you RNLI.

January 2018

31st December 2017

November 2017


the geological society mines for the future

The annual flagship event of the Geological Society provided the bridge between their themed year of 2017 (Risk) and 2018 (Resources) in November.  Satarla were asked to provide our views on what Social Responsibility really means, both on a mine site, but also in the broader context of corporate and sector as a whole.  

All talks will be available to view online here

BRING ON 2018!

we've come a long way in 3.5 years

SATARLA is now 3.5 year's old.  In that time we have:

- delivered face-to-face training to well over 1000 people all over the world.

- developed over 30 eLearning risk management modules.

- designed and embedded risk management frameworks for everyone from healthcare to agriculture companies.

- facilitated Board sessions for some of the most influential CEOs and CFOs of the world.

- built a team of more than 30 skilled risk management experts based all over the world.

- are now known as the place to go for accessible risk management that allows organisations to make dynamic decisions based on their risk knowledge.

- ... oh - and had 4 x little people (congrats to Laura for providing three of them!).

We have great plans for 2018 - bring it on!



We started the year off with a very cold blast!  Toronto saw the team arrive to support our global agricultural client get to grips (pun intended) with their new risk and incident management software.  Having sourced the software for them, the workshops saw us all take our mitts off to get stuck in with the configuration.

For more information on our software sourcing services, please see here.  Please note, that we take zero commission from sourcing your software.